Current Exhibition

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The Next Stage Gallery is honored to host the work of three incredible artists during the 2019 Month of Photography Colorado: Carol Golemboski, Melanie Walker, and Mariana Vieira. The title: Whichcraft is a play on words, signifying a reclamation of the term and magic of the “witch” blended with the practice of traditional craft in a moment where artists have a myriad of media from which to choose. These images bear the marks of each artists’ hand and a biographical connection to their lives. It is hard to pinpoint the exact medium and method of creation for each piece, pushing the viewer to ask “which craft” the artist is employing. Each image is thoughtfully produced and challenges traditional expectations of what defines a photograph. The common link between the works in this exhibition is not one of a thematic concept, but the visibility of the hand in the production process, and the variety of outcomes possible with photographic methods. The exhibition is free and open to the public from April 4th - April 27th, 2019.