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Katherine hazelton

Gallery Manager



Tomas Bernal

Tomàs Bernal is a Film and Television major at the University of Colorado Denver, he is currently in his sophomore year. Tomàs is a triplet, and he has ambitions of pursuing a career in comedy and photography.


Ashley Nepo

Ashley attended two years at the University of California Santa Barbara before deciding to join the Navy. After 6 years of honorable service, she decided to invest her time and energy into pursuing music full time. In 2016, Ashley started attending University of Colorado Denver to earn a degree in Music Recording Arts. She been a docent at NXT STG since its opening.


Duyen Tran

Duyen is an Illustration Student at the University of Colorado Denver, she is in her senior year and will be graduating in the fall. Duyen likes to make illustrations with gouache, tiny villages, and playing games.